A guide to mens watches: How to choose the one!

Have you been exploring watches on the internet or in the stores? Have you been thinking about that watch you saw on someone’s wrist or in a movie? If you are looking to buy a watch for yourself, this article that you stumbled upon may actually be your best guide!

We will cover all the basics you need to know about mens watches from the different mechanisms a watch operates on, to the various kinds of watches out there and the many styles you can choose from. Let us get started.

How does a watch work? What’s inside it?

The one word you will hear a lot in this regard is the “movement” of the watch. It is not only about how the hands of the watch rotate but also about how the inner hidden parts work to make this time, to show you the time!

There are 3 kinds of watch movements: automatic, mechanical or quartz. Let us talk about the positive and not-so-positive things about each of these.

A mechanical watch will have a spring inside that needs to be rotated at regular durations for it to show time. The watches you may have seen in the 80s or 90s had this mechanism in their functioning. You may remember your parents rotating the ring on the side a few times to keep the watch working. The good thing is you don’t need a battery but you definitely need to constantly intervene to keep the watch going.

Automatic watches also have the same gear as a mechanical watch however; the difference is they don’t need manual winding. They can do it on their own & they don’t need a battery either.

Let us talk about quartz movement. It is the one behind most of the mens watches you will see these days. This mechanism is pretty affordable and quite accurate as well. This mechanism works on electricity from a battery, which you will have to replace maybe once or twice a year.

Types of mens watches

You may be surprised to know that there is a watch style for every occasion: whether it is for a sport, a trekking trip, a formal meeting, meeting with friends, underwater adventures or maybe your wedding! There’s one for every moment & memory.

We will talk about the 5 types that you will hear while talking to that store’s salesman, and how to wear them.

1.Dress watch

As the name suggests, this is for all those formal occasions. It was born in the early 20th century and has legacy of over 100 years.

Dial displays will be simple, with thin sizes for ease of wearing with full-sleeve shirts. Most of these watches will have a leather strap. Simple and classy! Isn’t it?

2.Field watch

The field watch was created for the officers on battle to help them coordinate on attacks & tell time at night. These watches are created to withstand tough conditions. These will usually be a small or mid-size, the dial will have easy to read numerals. The band will usually be leather or canvas to avoid abrasion of skin.

These mens watches are very versatile & can be paired with any occasion. It is simple yet manly and suits all ages.

3.Aviator watch

Watches have been associated with pilots and aviation from the early 1900s. However, these watches don’t have a distinctive style as such.

These will mostly have a large dial as compared to the other watches, with easy to read dial. Bands are usually made of leather. These watches are great for your casual outings.

4.Diver watch

Most of the men around can be seen sporting this watch. You would remember Pierce Brosnan’s Omega watch from the bond movies. And as the name suggests, this mens watch was created for people who spend a lot of time in & around water. These watches are water-resistant.

This watch is usually a medium size, which comes with a steel body design, and metal strap which keep it sturdy. Mineral glass or sapphire may be used to protect the dial from water.

You can wear this for all occasions such as business formal, business casual, sports or casual days.

5.Driving watch

Watches have been part of car racing scenes since the 1930s. These are usually large is size, with a steel dial to withstand hard conditions. The band is typically made of leather or metal.

This watch style is bolder than the aviator or dive watches. Hence you may want to keep them for the casual look.

Now you are ready to explore the world of mens watches. Start now!

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