Main Considerations When Enjoying an Escape Room

Escape rooms are a recreational attraction currently taking the world by storm. They are not as simple as a movie night and are far more strenuous than an evening of bowling, but for individuals who love challenges and puzzles, they make a fantastic form of entertainment.

However, they can be a bit daunting. In fact, many newcomers to escape rooms have a traumatic experience when the door locks shut. If you want to be successful at mastering this entertainment medium and avoid disaster it is important to prepare. So here are the main things you can expect to find at any escape room experience.

A Lecture

Your escape room adventure will start with a bit of monologing. So prepare to be talked at for about twenty minutes. It may be tempting to zone out during this time but the spiel is necessary as it outlines the fundamentals of your adventure. The opening lecture will cover two main tenets:

A Backstory

Every escape room has a scenario attached to it. Whether it is a zombie invasion or military lock-down your escape room will have a backstory. The depth of this backstory varies depending on the company. Some provide a little blurb while others go far enough as to cast characters you interact with. It is important to note this backstory because it sets the overall tone for the room you are in. It also may include clues that aid your progress.

A Briefing

Every escape room also has operational rules that must be adhered to. Most often these are simple instructions as to how the game works, the amount of time you have to complete the puzzle, what you need to do once said puzzle is solved. They also provide a few helpful tips and tricks. They also include instructions on how to end the experience early if there is a complication.

A Time Limit

A common misconception many have about escape rooms is that they are open-ended. You are stuck in there until you either figure it out or do the escape room equivalent of tapping out. The truth is most escape rooms only last 60 minutes giving consumers a solid hour to puzzle solve. After the time runs out the doors open whether you solved the room or not. So do not approach a room leisurely. Be prepared to get right down to business.

Enclosed Spaces

It goes without saying but an escape room is a room. So if you have a problem with enclosed spaces this is something you should take into account. Yes, you will only be in there for an hour, but most escape rooms are smallish in size. If you, or someone you plan to go with, have problems with tight spaces you need to address this before the door closes.


Escape rooms in San Francisco offer more than one room. Mostly, this is to inspire repeat business. A general escape room outing involves one room and picking that room is important. Escape rooms vary in theme and difficulty with some even offering different duration. So before you go check out their catalog. Here are the main things you should concern yourself with:


The main consideration in an escape room is a difficulty. Rooms range from beginner to intermediate and expert. The level affects the number of puzzles and how involved their solving is. If you are just starting out a beginner room is probably more your flavor.


The theme affects the overall experience of the room. A spy theme will contain espionage and a horror theme will include jump scares. You should choose based on what you consider to be entertainment.

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