Types Of Mowers Suitable For Golf Course Maintenance

Lawn mowing is the combination of technical and artistic approach because it requires precision in cutting with good appearance. There must be a balanced trimming of your lawn grass, because both excessive short and long length is responsible for the bad appearance and inconvenience to roam around. When it comes to the maintenance of a golf course, more precision is required because it is meant for the commercial purpose.

The quality of lawn grass in a golf course is the main factor behind its popularity. There are numerous models of mowers available in the market for grass trimming. Some are meant for wide stretch whereas others for perfect edging. As a superintendent of a golf course,  one must be aware of all mowing equipment. If still you are unaware, don’t worry because this article will help in understanding everything in detail. Scroll down to gain more information.

Types of Mowers for Golf Course

On the basis of mechanism, the mowers or golf course are divided into five categories including: –

Push reel manual mower
This is the very basic model of lawn mowers meant for trimming the grass of a small area with hands. It has 5 or 8 spiral shape blades that trim the grass when you roll it over the ground. This mower is useful in some areas where manual mowing is essential for giving a specific shape. Since it is a manual hand-driven model, you cannot use it for the trimming of an entire golf course. However, it helps where engine propelled mowers cannot reach or there is some rough task where you don’t want to put an expensive model on risk. If you want a mower for a household purpose, this is the perfect option.

Walk behind power lawn mower

As the name is illustrating, you need to walk behind while operating these mowers. It has a high popularity graph among all of the world because of the simple and powerful mechanism. The blades of this mowers propel with the help of gas or electricity in a rotary mechanism.. It is a better option for those who don’t want to bleed sweat on the manual rolling machine. However, its working is also limited to a small area.

Riding lawn mower

This is the perfect model of lawn mowing for a golf course because the riding models are meant to cover a  wide stretch. These are basically small tractors with enhancement of mowing. The operator can sit on the seat and operate it just like a vehicle for trimming purpose. The models like John Deere golf course mowers are powered with the fuel of diesel or gasoline to run a powerful engine for several hours without overheating issue. These mowers are available in two transmissions i.e. manual and hydrostatic. If you prefer advanced and powerful technology, hydrostatic models are highly recommended.

Hover lawn mower

Compact size yet very powerful, this is the definition of hover lawn mowers.  The spinning blade hower below its motor creates an air cushion to keep it above the ground. Generally, these mowers come in a plastic body and electric motor comprising enough power to trim the grass in just one sweep. In the corners where a large mower cannot reach, both new and used golf mowers work perfectly for detailing.

Apart from these models, you can also try robotic mowers that have automation benefit. It has embedded sensors to detect the terrain and ideal height of the grass.

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