Asking for help should not feel odd. Because that is how it works. They help you when in need in return you may also not leave any stones unturned to reciprocate the favor. While you think you are all done with the wedding chores, the list is all ticked off but there are still so many more operations to be managed and looked after.

When you are busy getting dolled up at the salon or you are busy choosing the flower décor for the venue and your word is required for the mother of the bride dresses,while you cannot instantly grow an extra pair of hands you may need a complete army of people to take care of things when you are not present. Here we are trying to suggest how you can designate tasks to your loved ones and feel relieved.


There is always a meticulous cousin or a friend who is good with accounts, finances and organizing all the paperwork. Ask him/her to keep track of invitation lists, address the envelopes, collect the shopping receipts, compose thank you notes.


If your handling the venue décor all by yourself then there needs to be an able bodied crew to lend a helping hand and look after the lighting, table layouts, arranging the chairs and setting down the place cards. All in all turn a barren garden into a festive looking heaven.


There are always one or two of the people who are the ultimate fashion divas, who are all aware of shops, markets and vendors who deal in the most appropriate clothes. Designate them the task of looking for the best and in vogue bridesmaid’s dresses, the mother of the groom dresses, a survey for the bride’s dress too.


If you are planning to choose an attire that has a train that is even one tenth as long as princess Diana’s you will need to bribe the little one with a feast of an ice cream or a bar of chocolate later on, to keep the train in check and the fabric flowing.


Put the ones at work who have a better taste in music and have even better vocals to entertain the guests with melodious music and enchanting songs. Just make sure the selection of the songs are in sync with the wedding theme.


While the best man and the maid of honor are signing the legal license, let other family members and friends feel special too and commemorate their presence by making them sign a decorative license which you want to keep as a fond memory.


Designate someone to get the guest book signed. A friend who is polite enough to get the expensive pen back and respectful towards the guests to escort them to the guest book rather than acting like a militant to get it done one the gun point.

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