Why DIY Tree Pruning Is Really A Bad Idea?

Correctly done tree pruning is always safe, good for the health of the tree and the result is beautiful trees. People offering tree pruning services in Bowral know when and why to work on tree pruning. They are skilled and they know which technique is perfect for your trees. If you are trying to do it on your own then you have to be aware of the potential risk of injuries. It can be dangerous and even costly as well. What if the branch instead of falling at the expected place, falls on the boundary wall, your car and roof? It will cause serious damage. If you are not confident and you are not aware of tree pruning techniques, you should rely on professionals only.

DIY is dangerous

You will need ladders, chainsaws, and handsaws. You are going to do this job at a significant height. So, there is a high rate of injury. The US Census Bureau puts tree trimming in the category of the most dangerous jobs in the US. 47 cases of accidents during tree pruning were reported in 2012. Out of these, 25 property owners were injured fatally. A lay person can’t even distinguish between a healthy and rotten branch. Imagine you accidently step foot on a rotten branch. It can be deadly as well. It will also damage your property and some belongings as well.

You are at an elevated height and using sharp tools such as a chainsaw. And, you are standing on a ladder. You are not safe in case there is a lack of coordination. You should either take all safety precautions or hire someone who can take safety precautions. An arborist comes with all safety equipment and tools required to trim trees safely and effectively while avoiding any kind of damage to your property. Bucket trucks, safety harness, ladders and there are several other tools and equipment a certified arborist uses.

Damage and danger

You can keep your trees healthy when the pruning is consistent and done by an expert. Improperly pruned trees are often hazardous and weakened. It takes a single strong blow of wind to blow down a weakened branch or tree. Consider topping as an example. An arborist chops a significant portion of the top. In case you fall short in achieving the desired results, you will be left with an ugly, deformed and weakened a tree.

Common DIY Tree Trimming Mistakes

Property owners hardly work on a plan. This is the reason when many DIY enthusiasts cut through a branch; they usually end up with a crushed car or roof. An arborist, on the other hand, assesses, plans and then executes. Here are some mistakes:

Relying on dull tools

Property owners usually use overused tools and these are not sharp enough. You cannot cleanly cut branches with these tools. It will just make the job difficult for you.

Topping or lopping

Don’t expect desired results if you think that cutting branches from anywhere will work. Sometimes branches start encroaching on your house. So, sometimes you have to stop caring about trees. “Topping” or “crew cut” also refers to “lopping”.

Over Pruning

Keep 75% of the crown of the tree. Arborists are also known as tree surgeons. They perform surgery on trees. We all know that an older patient needs more time to recover after surgery. Same goes for mature trees.

Over Lifting

Honestly, we don’t know why they call it lion tailing. However, when you start cutting lower branches first, you make the top a little heavier. Expect branch failure in this situation.

Flush Cutting

Cutting a branch flush against the main branch or the trunk causes problems such as uneven bark and increases the risk of pests, fungus and diseases.

So, don’t try to be a pro when you are not. Look for the best tree trimming services in Bowral.

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