Why Do I Need a Storage Unit?

Spring time brings on the “spring cleaning” and “dunging out” chore in many homes. And when you look around your dwelling place, do you notice those items you don’t use on a daily or even monthly basis? Are your cupboards, closets, basement, and garage stuffed to capacity with boxes, equipment, paintings, and storage boxes, so much that you can’t even remember what’s in any of those containers? If so, you are not alone. It’s easy just to box everything up in cardboard or a plastic container and just shove it out of the way – out of sight, out of mind – but is that box or container really the proper “environment” for your goods? You may want to reconsider and think about renting a storage units st. petersburg.

Self-storage facilities have become big businesses over the past decade, and according to statistics, one in every eleven American households rents some type of space in a storage facility. Why do we require storage space? Because we all love to buy and consume more stuff than we need! Or perhaps it’s because we are downsizing from a large home to a smaller living space. Maybe it’s because, for sentimental reasons, you just can’t bear to let go of Granny’s silver tea service or Grandpa’s old record player, but you need some space for these antique heirlooms. Or perhaps you just want to put all of those unwanted items in another space, because some day, just some day, you’ll get around to selling them on eBay! Whatever your justification is for holding on tight to these belongings, extra storage space is something that we always can use, especially if we continue our current levels of consumption.

There are many advantages to using a storage facility. The first and foremost reason is obvious: packaging up those unused or seasonal items and removing them from your daily living space helps to de-clutter your home and your life. There’s no point in tripping over your hockey equipment or skiing gear in the middle of your basement in mid-July! Store it, and retrieve it when late fall/early winter approaches and you actually USE it!

Another benefit of renting storage space is that you can take your snow blower, your lawn chairs, that spare TV, or your antique dresser and house them: storage facilities provide space for larger items. You can keep your belongings in this space until you need them again. Some facilities also rent outside space for cars, RVs, boats, trailers, or 4-wheelers!

Did you ever consider the fact that you might not be storing your items properly in your home? What if your garage roof leaked and your spare sofa got water damage, mold, or mildew build-up on it? Or what if your basement is damp and musty? Hoarding all that stuff just invites pests and bugs, making your living space unhealthy and unhygienic. Most storage facilities offer climate-controlled space for your belongings.

And what about the safety and security aspect of it all? Could someone come and steal your stuff because it’s not secure? The majority of storage facility companies have, at the very minimum, locked premises, and the renter is the sole owner of the key to his/her unit. In addition, some facilities also have video surveillance and night patrols or guards for added security purposes. This added safety bonus gives the renter some peace of mind with relocated valuable possessions.

A storage unit can be beneficial for many life situations, and if you are unable to donate or throw out or use items on a year-round basis, it might be wise to consider a rental unit. Check out what’s available in your area, and make sure you investigate all expenses and services included before you sign that rental agreement.

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