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Why The People Of Malaysia Goes Week On Their Knees For The Damacai 3+ 3D Bonus Games?

As you can make it from the name itself, the DaMaCai 3+3D games come as a set of bonus games, parallel to the main portfolio of lotto games. These games are unique in its feature, as it combines the basics of 3D gaming with that of the Zodiac symbols. It is the combination of these 2 aspects that makes these games a complete standout and absolutely different from the sets of regular games available in Malaysia. The DaMaCai 3 + 3D Bonus Results are displayed and archived on the website of the provider.

An overview of the Bonus games

It is for sure that you would love to play these games as the rules and regulations are pretty straight forward.  The game requires the player to select 2 sets of a 3-digit number, ranging between 000 to 999 that would form a 6-digit numerical. Subsequently, you need to pick an option from the available sets of 12 Chinese Zodiac Symbols. Thus, the final tally will be the 6digit Number + the selected Chinese Zodiac symbol. One Ringgit is the minimum amount that you need to invest in these games. In addition to the basic bonus games, there are ample of other secondary options that will surely enhance your chances to win the deal.

In order to participate in these games, you should have attained the minimum age of 21 years and should be a non-Muslim by religion. Individuals who hold a valid Visa to stay in Malaysia are also eligible to participate in these games. For buying the tickets, you need to visit any of the authorized counters in person, as these tickets are not available online.

What about the rewards?

The provider has developed a multiple-tier reward system to accommodate the largest numbers of winner.  The 3-tier reward entitles the winner for a prize money, in the range between 10000 and 120,00 RM and it requires him/her to predict the 6 digits in the exact order. In addition, there is the Starter prize to the extent of 2500 RM and consolation prizes at the rate of 1000 RM. All these prizes apply for a single ticket, and players are allowed to buy as many tickets they want. The DaMaCai 3 + 3D Bonus Results are published on the website of the provider. You will have to collect the prized from the office of the provider, by producing the physical copy of your ticket and a valid document as a proof of your identity.

These games are operated with ultimate clarity and transparency and you can stand assured that there are no chances to manipulate the games. This ensures that all the participants will get an equal and fair chance to win the deals and qualify for the prize. Lots of people have been able to change their financial status by making a good amount of money by playing these games, in addition to the thrilling excitements that you can get. Thus,  you must give a try to these games at least once.

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